Don’t Want A Throwing Axes Sales Brochure?

Don't Want A Throwing Axes Sales Brochure?

With a storied past, throwing axes have both survival and ceremonial uses. 

Historically, throwing axes were used for hunting and warfare, allowing the users to strike from a distance, which adds a tactical edge in both acquiring food and during combat. For instance, the Norse warriors, commonly known as Vikings, were famous for their axe-throwing skills.

Nowadays, you’ve probably noticed more and more people are tossing axes and having a wonderful time with their friends.

That means throwing axes has gradually developed into a new role as a sports or recreational equipment in axe throwing.

Meanwhile, axe throwing has appeared as a thriving modern pastime, experiencing a surge in popularity both as a leisure activity and a competitive sport.

Leagues like the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) have formalized the activity with standardized rules and equipment, making axe throwing as structured and skilled as any traditional sport.

That means throwing axes will have more space to grow.

Types and features of throwing axes

When playing axe throwing, you must think about which the right axe can make all the difference. It is not only the technique but also the handy throwing axe that can help you win.

For recreation and leisure, all kinds of axes can be used for throwing, but it is important to keep safety in mind, the most common of which are the following.


Hatchets are one of the most common throwing axes, chosen by many novices for their shortness and lightness.


With their quirky shapes and cool styles, tomahawks have become the choice of many players with aesthetic aspirations.

Tomahawks are light with a straight handle, often used for precision throwing.

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Felling axes

Felling axes have heavier, larger heads and sharper blades, which correspondingly require more strength and power.

Hence, they are ideal for more powerful people and also require more attention to safety.

Double bit axes

With blades on both ends, they’re balanced but for advanced throwers.

But also, more players will be impressed by their unique double-edged design.

Broad axes

Although initially catered for felling, broad axes’ ideal grip and balance may also be suitable for throwing, especially those lighter broad axes.

Whatever types of axes are modified to become throwing axes, the key is the difference in the feel of use.

When it comes to how to choose a throwing axe that is handy, suitable and dedicated to you, we suggest the following points to consider: weight, balance, and handle length, which decides the feeling of throwing sense.

Features of trowing axes

Weight: Modern competition throwing axes usually weigh around 2,000 grams, and those catered for competition use will be in this range to ensure a fair game.

Length: The length of a throwing axe is usually between 30 and 40 centimeters, which applies to both throwing and control.

Design: They tend to be short and lightweight, with an accurately calculated center of gravity, to ensure that the axe rotates at the midpoint of the handle after throwing and cuts precisely into the target.

Balance: To achieve more scores in competition, modern competition throwing axes will pay particular attention to balance to ensure stable flight and accurate hits on the target when thrown.

Materials: Modern throwing axes may be made from high-quality materials such as durable steel or alloys to ensure durability and performance.

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Throwing axes vs. everyday axes

We’ve covered the types and features of throwing axes above and may have gained some insight into the differences between throwing axes and everyday axes.

Here we summarize a few aspects.

Design purpose

It is worth noting that the most apparent difference between the throwing axe and the everyday axes lies in the purpose of use.

Throwing axes are designed for throwing for long-range attacks or entertainment.

While everyday axes are life tools for hacking, chopping, etc.

Weight and balance

Throwing axes are usually lighter in weight and have a balance point near the handle for control and flight stability when throwing.

But a regular axe with a weight and balance point aims to provide strength and efficiency when chopping.

Handle length

Throwing axes have shorter handles to accommodate the throwing motion.

Regular axes may have longer handles to provide better leverage and control.

Tip shape

The tip of a throwing axe may be sharper, allowing for easier penetration through the target, a board used in the competition..

The one of a regular axe, however, maybe a little bit duller and apply to specific chopping tasks.

Blade design

Throwing axes may have narrower blades to reduce air resistance and increase flight distance.

Everyday axes may have wider blades to destroy a larger chopping area.


Throwing axes may use lighter materials, such as aluminum alloys, to reduce weight and improve flight performance.

Regular axes may use heavier materials, mainly steel, to provide the required strength and durability.

Reference prices and distribution channels

If you’re contemplating incorporating throwing axes into your retail offerings, it’s crucial to understand the market dynamics, including the current distribution channels and sales potential.

To that end, we have gathered several primary platforms where throwing axes are sold. 

Firstly, the sport, which originated from a collective of passionate axe-throwers, has led to the establishment of leagues. Consequently, the official websites of these leagues have organically become marketplaces for a diverse array of throwing axes, like WATL.


World Axe Throwing League, an international organization, is dedicated to the development of axe-throwing sport. The league sets a series of standards and rules for the sport and contributes to ensuring fairness, safety, and consistency.

In addition to information about axe-throwing events, its official website also sells a wide variety of throwing axes, but at a higher price.

Many axes sold on the website of the world axe throwing league.

The second part among these outlets is various e-commerce platforms involving Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, etc.


As one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon has a strong market presence in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other regions, offering virtually everything from electronics to household goods to food.
So throwing axes is no exception.

Many types of throwing axes sold on Amazon.


Walmart is not only the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, but its online platform also has a strong presence in the global e-commerce market and has strengthened its online presence through initiatives such as the acquisition of

It offers a wide range of goods, and as you can see from the image below, it displays throwing axes, which notably are available at lower prices.

Many throwing axes sold on Walmart.


eBay is a global online marketplace known for its auctions and one-bite sales and is one of the pioneers of online shopping. It allows individuals and businesses to sell a wide range of goods, including new and used items, so it also covers throwing axes.

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Many throwing axes sold on ebay.

The third part is those outdoor e-commerce platforms, such as Hatchets and Axes, Cold Steel, etc.

Hatchets and Axes

Hatchets and Axes is an outdoor site that specializes in offering hundreds of axes including tactical axes, throwing axes, and decorative tomahawks. The site is geared towards users who may be outdoor enthusiasts, campers, wilderness survivalists, and axe collectors.

Many throwing axes sold on Hatchets and Axes.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is a leading American manufacturer of knives and martial arts equipment, founded in California in 1980 by Lynn Thompson. 

Known for producing high-quality knives, swords, tomahawks, machetes, and related equipment, Cold Steel is praised for the durability, utility, and innovation of its products.

Many throwing axes sold on Cold Steel.

Additionally, Etsy, an e-commerce platform known for crafts and customized products, sells customized throwing axes from many crafters and small workshops.

Many throwing axes sold on Esty.

All in all, while the leagues usually sell throwing axes to attendees while hosting events, this doesn’t mean that everyone goes to the league store to buy a throwing axe; they also choose to buy them on major e-commerce platforms or offline, which is a relatively less standardized segment of axe throwing that is more geared towards private events or recreational activities.

If you want to sell throwing axes online, we suggest referring to the sales model of these e-commerce platforms or websites, which will benefit your pricing and throwing axes sales.

Of course, you can also choose to sell in offline stores.

Pros and cons of selling throwing axes in your store?

If you’re indeed contemplating whether to introduce throwing axes in your inventory, it’s crucial to grasp the pros and cons of selling them.


Market Demand: As reported by the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), the annual revenue for the axe-throwing industry is around $215 million, and it’s continuing to grow.

For store owners, this indicates a ripe market for selling axes, as well as an opportunity to cater to a niche that includes both dedicated venues and home enthusiasts looking for the right equipment.

Profit margin: Throwing axes may have high profit margins, especially those that are uniquely designed or handcrafted at the higher end.

Branding: Throwing axes can be used as a specialty product in your store to increase brand awareness and market share through marketing and branding.

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Legal restrictions: Some regions may have legal restrictions on the sale and use of throwing axes, which may limit the scope of sales.

Limited Target Market: The target market for throwing axes may be relatively limited, focusing on specific axe-throwing hobbyists and professionals.

Moreover, the demand for throwing axes may be seasonal, such as during the spring and summer months when outdoor activities are more common.

Competitive Pressure: As demonstrated above, there are already many sellers offering throwing axes in a variety of designs, so standing out requires strong differentiation and branding to gain a competitive edge.

Ready to give it a throw?

For entrepreneurial spirits, it’s a venture worth considering to invest in throwing axes.

As we talked about earlier, there are some challenges to selling throwing axes, but overall, it’s a new and promising endeavor.

If the prospect of getting involved sparkles your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out. Click here to get a free quote today!

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