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The whole shooting match of wholesale kitchen knives including Japanese, Western, and Chinese classics. Covering upscale fish slicing Yanagiba, butchering tools, standard chef knives, as well as many other specialty cutting edges that can also be found in sets.

We take pride as a resourceful kitchen knife wholesale supplier, with blades forged using high carbon, stainless, or pattern-welded Damascus steel; And handles made using premium natural wood like ebony or popular synthetic materials.

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Kitchen Knife Buying Guide for Sellers

Besides offering a wide range of quality materials and industry-leading techniques, LeeKnives also offer various wholesale services. Including dropshipping, OEM, private label, and IP protections.

As a knife manufacturer cutting down middlemen, LeeKnives also provides an edge in pricing that none other knife distributors could offer. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Statistically speaking, the regular chef’s knife is the most popular kitchen knife. Alongside other all-purpose blades such as Santoku, utility knife, and the Chinese cleaver. 

However, being popular makes them much more competitive as well. Alternatively, selling specialized knives such as Nakiri or boning knives may lead you to astonishing success.

It’s a tough question to answer as all steel exists for a reason. High carbon steel sacrifices toughness for hardness that makes them wanted in professional cutting fields, while stainless steel is a more suitable choice for home chefs that deal with regular cutting needs. 

In short, the steel does its best when accompanied by the right knife blade, and the right chef - that is your target customers.

Arguably, natural wood is the best material for kitchen knife handles. They provide a natural luster and inimitable texture that no other material is able to catch up with, while also offering thousands of wood species to choose from

Synthetic materials have their fair share of the market, though. Some leading brands like Wusthof mostly use POM as their main handle source because it doesn’t deform or discolor like some wood types do, is cost-effective, and is comfortable to hold.

A kitchen knife consists of many parts that all play a significant role in affecting its overall performance. As a knife seller, when choosing a product to bulk purchase, you need to consider the tang, bolster, bevel, handle design, etc that may make or break a knife.

A knife’s quality shows in two aspects: the cutting performance and the durability. You can initiate sharpness tests to inspect a knife’s cutting performance which matters the most for professional chefs. 

As for durability, namely the knife’s ability to resist rust, chips, and how fast it loses sharpness are determined by steel, heat treatment, and blade design. They are equally crucial and shape your brand as a whole. You can always consult us about your options.

Most customers are expected to purchase one single knife only that can satisfy their day-to-day needs. However, a knife set could be a great idea after you’ve built a loyal customer base. 

A decent knife set should include all-purpose knives of all sizes. Optionally, you can add specialty knives such as butcher knives, vegetable knives, bread knives, etc.

First and foremost, have a vision of your knife business. Then find suppliers, and select products to sell that match your brand. Ideally, you want products from those who offer private label services that can do things like logo engraving and custom packaging to amplify your brand. 

Admittedly, starting a business and building a supply chain is a bit more complicated than that. You can check out this knife selling guide here that includes more details and tips, or contact us directly.

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