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We offer hardwood charcuterie boards with ornamental designs. These wooden serving trays are a great addition to displaying party treats. When not in use, they are artworks themselves that can be placed as decoration pieces on any table. 

Find our comely samples in round, rectangle, square, and pear shapes with handles and cutouts. Made from prime acacia wood, marble, or a combination of both. 

  • Need customization or branding services? Contact us for help. Most of our products can be printed or engraved with your brand's logo. Custom packaging and add-ons such as built-in compartments are also available.

Charcuterie Board Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

A charcuterie board or cheese board is a food-serving platform to present ready-to-eat appetizers such as cheese, cured meats, fruits, crackers, nuts, etc. It can also be used to serve steamy food as a breakfast tray, pizza platter, and more!

Many materials make a stunning charcuterie board. One would argue wood is the best material while the other favors smooth/glossy materials such as marble or glass. 

As long as the material is sanitary and durable enough to take on some beatings, a charcuterie board doesn't demand much. If you are a wood fanatic, we recommend hardwood with little porous structure such as acacia.

Charcuterie boards can be sold in a bundle with dipping bowls and cheese knives. Selling them together or including these gadgets as giveaways won’t be a bad idea. 

There are numerous styles of charcuterie boards all over the market. They are not restricted to conventional designs. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and try out unique ideas such as UV printing arts. Customize an enticing, distinctive board with us and make your brand stand out.

Charcuterie boards have massive potential for becoming a smash. It’s a nice addition to any kitchen and is certainly popular on dining tables in all households. Charcuterie boards have become one of the top choices for fancy gifts, and a regular scene at parties or small gatherings.

It depends on what the board is made of. Some wood that is gentle on knife blades and holds antibacterial properties that won’t mind a few cutting sessions. 

For charcuterie boards made from hard materials, occasionally cutting pastries and cheese on them won’t pose any problems. But overall you should avoid preparing meals on a charcuterie board to avoid cross-contamination and accidental chipping on knives.

As we explained above, charcuterie boards are not expected to be a cutting surface. That’s the job of a cutting board. 

They can also be distinguished by designs. Charcuterie boards can be creatively made with materials of much more diversity. While most cutting boards are made from wood.

LeeKnives provide creative, one-and-only charcuterie boards different from market norms. Acacia and marble, two materials with utmost luster and brilliant shine are our top choices in crafting charcuterie boards. 

We are also open to customizations. You are able to change raw materials before mass production, or even add features such as built-in compartments, engravings, and printings to your products with us.

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