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In this catalog, you will find a broad variety of knives from all-purpose Gyuto, Santoku, to professional cutting tools such as Deba and Yanagiba. To acquire a superior cutting performance, we used high carbon steel such as 10Cr15CoMoV to craft the blade. You’ll also find handles following traditional Japanese design with buffalo horn collars.

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Japanese Kitchen Knife Buying Guide for Sellers

Japanese knives are generally sharper and more delicate. The designs of Japanese knives all center around sharpness

  • They are usually made from high carbon steel, a much harder choice compared to stainless steel. 
  • Japanese knives often have a thinner, narrower blade. They rarely come with a bolster and are mostly partial tang. 
  • Some Japanese knives have a single bevel design, meaning one side of the blade is flat, creating a sharper edge. 
  • They have a traditional knife handle design, also called the wa handle. Shaped in oval, round, octangular, etc. 
  • Japanese knives have many more varieties to choose from. 

We respect the culture and tradition of Japanese knives and manufacture them strictly following traditional techniques: You will find from this catalog clad forged knives with ebony wa handles and buffalo horn collars. 

We also don’t stop innovating. Combining Japanese and Western designs. Creating knives with Japanese blades and Western features such as finger guards, G10, and stabilized wood handles.

Santoku knife is arguably the best-received Japanese knife by the public. Santoku was introduced to the Western world in the early 2000s and has been growing in popularity ever since. 

That being said, Japanese knives have far more varieties than their Western counterparts. Each knife has distinct designs that tackle specific tasks. A seafood restaurant can’t leave without a Deba or a petty knife; a vegetarian will be blessed with a Nakiri. Your options are endless.

Wa handle is a type of specifically shaped handle traditionally made from natural wood with a buffalo horn collar. They are made to be light and lean the balance towards the blade. 

LeeKnives provide wa handles in oval, octagonal, and D shapes. They can be customized upon your request.

Japanese knives prioritize sharpness more than anything. Their traditional cuisines require clean and precision cuts. For that reason, steel containing high carbon or vanadium amounts contributes the most to hardness and is best for Japanese knives. Such steel includes 9Cr18MoV, VG10, blue and white steel, etc.

Single bevel is a signature design in Japanese knives. You must be aware that they are not ambidextrous. When purchasing single bevel knives in bulk, remember the bevel needs to be on the right for right-handed people and left for left-handed people. 

If not clad forged, Japanese knives are relatively thinner and more flimsy. If made from high carbon steel, they are also prone to oxidations such as patina and rust. Alert yourself as well as your customers about this and prepare for proper maintenance

There is much more to consider for Japanese knives, unfortunately, a tiny question block can’t cover them all. You can always contact us to get more insights.

Japanese knives are popular. There’s no doubt about it. The unique design, charm of the culture, as well as quality holding high in estimation, all make them a prominent niche.

Japanese and Western knives captivate different crowds. The answer largely depends on what kind of brand you are looking to build. 

While there certainly are overlaps in target customers, Japanese knives are more appealing to professional chefs or cooking enthusiasts. Western knives, being generally more durable and user-friendly, are more suitable for home cooks.

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