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We have arranged an essential catalog below where you can find all sorts of cooking utensils. Including skillet pans, dutch ovens, woks, and grills & griddles for those barbecue-heads.

You’ll find cookware here sharing design with the latest trends, and some with unique features to make your brand stand out.

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Cookware Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

Enameled cast iron cookware has an additional enamel coating on them. Making them more rust-resistant and non-stick. The enamel coating also allows the different color customization. 

However, the coating can not distribute heat that well compared to a plain cast iron surface.

Each culture has its unique set of culinary utensils, so it’s not possible to encompass every type of cookware. But the ones that are popular and essential for a kitchen includes: 

  • Pans: The most common ones are saute pan and frying pan (skillet)
  • Pots: Mainly dutch oven for all-purpose cooking needs. Niche ones include stock pots, braiser, etc. The size of a pot matters greatly for the cooking experience. So you should always have pots in different sizes available.

If you want to get a footing on the market it’s the bare minimum to sell dutch oven and skillet. If you aim to create an all-in-one culinary brand, definitely consider adding more types of pans & pots, grills, griddles, bakeware and even woks to your collection.

After establishing a loyal customer base, slowly introduce tableware, knives, and other accessories to your store.

Here are some pointers to help you avoid disputes before purchasing cookware in bulk:

  • Do a sample test for your preferred product. Test its performance in terms of: rust resistance, maintenance, wear resistance, heat conductivity, and the compatibility with various stove tops
  • If you are purchasing cast iron, know if they are pre-seasoned.
  • Study the handle material of the cookware - if the handle material is vulnerable to heat, it limits the use in the oven even if the cookware itself is safe.

You can always contact our team to learn all about cookware first-hand! 

Many brands manufacture their cookware in China. Including the big gainers like Lodge and LeCreuset. They have strict QC standards to ensure a quality product, and LeeKnives is of the same caliber. 

We also have the ability to customize certain products, i.e, printing your logos and customized packaging.

It’s safe to assume every type of cookware is non-stick. Meaning food particles are less often to stick onto the surface. 

Even if certain materials are not inherently non-stick, like copper, manufacturers will always add a ceramic or Teflon coating to it. Another example is cast iron, in which seasoning is always applied.

We do not provide cookware sets in this catalog. But you are free to assemble a set then contact us for MOQ & price.

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