Wholesale Kitchen Knife Sets

Knife set is a great offer for customers looking for a one-time solution to their culinary needs. Here are our carefully selected knife sets by professional chefs. 

The samples are either made from Damascus clad steel or stainless steel. Each set contains essential all-purpose knives in different sizes, as well as utility picks such as boning or fillet knives. You will find handles made from stabilized wood, abalone shell, or colorful resin attached with welded bolsters. 

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Knife Set Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

Absolutely. Knife sets are a great way to boost sales. You can also give a much more compatible price that customers would appreciate. Chefs rely on a brand’s expertise to select essential knives, a pre-assembled set is a perfect way for someone to start their culinary journey.

An optimal knife set should meet a chef’s basic needs. The set should include a multi-purpose chef knife (or Gyuto), utility knife, and paring knife all in different sizes. Additionally, you can include multi-purpose knives in different blade profiles like a Santoku or a Chinese cleaver, they show strength in different cutting motions.

A professional knife set should include knives that require a higher skill set. Like a reverse-tip Kiritsuke or a sushi knife Yanagiba. You may also consider adding specialized knives to address specific needs. Such as a boning knife for meat, Deba for fish, or Nakiri for vegetables.

5 knives is a great number to start. That includes a lengthy chef knife, a Santoku, a boning knife, a paring knife, and a utility knife. 

Sets with too many knives may be overwhelming for starters. But for devoted buyers or professionals, you can add up to 10 or more knives in a set.

As the name suggests, a knife block set contains a block or deck with slots to insert and store kitchen knives. A knife block is usually made from quality wood, with a slightly slanted upper body and a standing base.  Some customers may expect a set to include the block. And you should provide one for sets that include 10 or more knives. Although not listed, LeeKnives also offer knife blocks made from premium wood. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, you can. All knives we offer sell individually. Alternatively, you can even customize knife models from different sets and craft a unique bundle for your brand.

A knife set contains knives with varying designs and uses. But they should share similarities in aesthetics and style. Ideally, they should be crafted using the same steel, handle material, and grinding method. 

Don’t limit yourself to a standard kitchen knife set. Selling a Damascus set, seafood set, butcher set, or an outdoor set that includes a totally different spectrum of knives could be a great idea.

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