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Find out custom-made knife sheaths in various shapes and sizes in this catalog. Discover collections of authentic and synthetic leather products, expertly designed with different carrying methods. 

All sheaths in this catalog are customizable to fit your existing knives. Work with our artists now to craft protecting covers for kitchen knives, pocket/survival knives, axes, swords, and more!

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Knife Sheath Buying Guide for Sellers

Knife sheaths were used when someone needed to carry a knife for outdoor activities. The sheath provides easy accessibility and prevents the blade from hurting the users. It’s also a storage solution when a knife block/magnetic wall mount/cabinet is absent. It protects the blade from chipping in challenging surroundings.

Knife sheaths are usually attached to your body with a belt loop. Depending on a sheath’s design, it can be carried vertically or in scout style (horizontally).

Leather is the best material for knife sheath. To make a knife sheath, the material must be durable to withstand occasional scratches caused by knives. And it must be resistant to environmental changes, since it’s most likely to be carried around to different places. Leather is one material that meets all criterias: and they are a classic, stylish choice!

Full grain and top grain leathers are considered the best leather grades. They are the first layers of animal hides and are the toughest, oil-rich, and shiny grade a leather can be. 

However, tanners worldwide utilize different grades of leather for distinctive advantages. For example, the popular split leather is much more lightweight, thus it’s a better choice for convenience’s sake. 

Artificial PU leather is also a force to be reckoned with. They are just as durable with rich texture but much more cost-effective.

More often than not, sheaths are designed to fit one specific knife or a range of specific types of knives. For example, a broad sheath with steep curvature on the spine is used to carry Serbian chef knives or Chinese chopping knives. A long, slim, bread knife certainly can not fit in. You need to make sure the sheaths you are selling fit your knife products. 

That doesn’t mean all sheaths need to be customized to mimic the outline of a knife, though. You can sell sheaths with forgiving designs in rectangular shapes that can fit in most knives. Knife sheaths can be sold with or without a knife. If you aim to start a sheath brand, this is the better approach.

A knife sheath is not the best solution if you have a heavy loadout. To carry multiple knives or even a culinary set outdoors, a knife roll or bag is much more convenient. Offering those products in your store is not a bad idea.

Without a doubt, a knife sheath is a must. Especially for those seeking convenience and accessibility outdoors. Your demographic includes hunters, survivalists, pitmasters, campers, etc. 

Admittedly knife sheath is optional for kitchen knives, but it’s the standard equipment for pocket knives and combat knives alike.

Yes, we offer customizations for all sheaths listed in this catalog. From overall sizes and dimensions to changes in nuances, contact us to discuss more in detail.

We offer a wide range of sheath materials. You are able to choose from top grain leather to trending crazy horse leather. Not a fan of leather? Contact us for alternative options including nylon, oxford cloth, and other fabrics. 

Materials aside, we have operating workshops gathered with talented artisans. They work their hearts out to ensure every stitch of the sheath was sewed to perfection.

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