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  • Personalized customization: Every brand is unique. To highlight and personalize your brand, we provide a wide array of private label services, including logo imprinting and custom packaging options.
  • Efficient and proficient: We always deliver within the promised time frame. With decades of experience in manufacturing pocket knives, we know how to meet your demands, and we are eager to help. 
  • Commitment to quality control: At every stage of production, we test the knife’s performance, and make sure no knife is overlooked. Everything must achieve perfection before it reaches your hands.
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Wholesale Pocket Knives

The following catalog are designs of pocket knives that we have crafted in the past, available for direct bulk purchase. These knives mostly feature 8Cr13MoV and D2 steel blade; however, you can opt for other alternatives like AUS-8, M390, and more. Each knife is unique with respective designs from tip to clip, as well as handle materials.

  • Looking for something specific? Contact us for help. We have the tools and skills to develop nearly any knife you want. Learn more about our processes.

How We Made Your Pocket Knives

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01 Laser Cutting

02 Heat Treatment

03 Drilling

04 Wet Grinding

05 Sanding

06 Milling

07 Installing Handle

08 Fixing Locks

09 Assembling

10 Blade Edging

11 Inspection

12 Packaging

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Working directly with a manufacturer gives you more wiggle room in terms of pricing, and makes it more transparent and controllable.

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We communicate with the utmost enthusiasm aiming to help you make the best decision for your brand. Your concerns are ours.

Pocket Knife Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

Assuming you have a specific pocket knife in mind that would suit your store, such as Bushcraft/survival knives that are exceptionally durable and capable of tasks like wood shaving. But you're uncertain about what to consider, here's a concise list:

  • Blade steel
  • Blade shape/type 
  • Opening mechanism
  • Lock types
  • Handle materials
  • Ergonomics
  • Pocket clip
  • Blade coatings and finishes

These are the things that decide the nature of a pocket knife: its functionality, aesthetic, and how desirable it may be to your customers. 

For Bushcraft knives, you want an ultra rust resistant, tough blade with fewer moving parts (fixed blade or strong lock). For EDC knives, the primary focus is on superior edge retention to ensure it consistently maintains its optimal condition and the convenience to carry.

There are four different opening mechanisms for pocket knives— manual, automatic/switchblade, assisted-opening, and dual-action. They differ based on their operational principles and the degree of user input required to open the knife. 

  • Manual opening: In a manual opening mechanism, the user must physically manipulate the blade to open the knife. This can be achieved through various methods, such as using a nail nick, thumb stud, or thumb hole.
  • Automatic/Switchblade: Automatic knives typically feature a button or switch on the knife that, when pressed or toggled, releases the spring tension and opens the blade automatically. 
  • Assisted opening: Assisted-opening mechanisms combine manual opening with the assistance of a spring mechanism. These knives require the user to initiate the blade opening manually, typically by using a thumb stud or flipper. Then, the spring mechanism kicks in and completes the opening action. 
  • Dual-Action: Dual-action knives typically have double or multiple openers, combining one manual opening mechanism such as a thumb stud, and an automatic button. 

Another topic that’s too large for us to cover in a simple FAQ. We’ll discuss some of the classic blade types below to give you a quick idea of pocket knife blade, its design and uses:

  • Drop point: Blade slopes gently from the spine to the point, versatile and suitable for various tasks.
  • Clip Point: Spine curves to a fine point, ideal for precise cutting and piercing.
  • Tanto: Flat tip with a high point and an almost straight spine, excels in piercing and slicing tough materials.
  • Spear Point: Both sides of the blade curve symmetrically to form a sharp point, well-suited for self-defense.
  • Wharncliffe: Straight edge with a sharp, flat tip, offers precise control and easy cutting on a flat surface.
  • Sheepsfoot: Straight edge with a rounded tip, safe for controlled cutting and minimizing accidental punctures.
  • Hawkbill: Curved edge that resembles a bird's beak, ideal for pulling and cutting materials like ropes.

Folding knives have a hinged design, allowing the blade to fold into the handle for portability and one-handed operation. Each folding knife has an accommodating open mechanism. 

Fixed blade knives have a solid, non-folding blade extending from the handle, providing strength and versatility for heavy-duty tasks.

Pocket Knife Resources for Retailers & Brands


Although the majority of the samples are made from 8Cr13MoV and D2, we provide a wide range of steel for crafting pocket knives. Including popular options like 440C and its varieties. Additionally, we provide higher-end powder metallurgy steels such as S30V and M390

Our steel selection is not restricted, so if you have a particular steel preference, we can assist you in sourcing and heat treating it.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for a free quote about the specific steel.

We utilize a diverse range of materials to create knife handles, encompassing both natural and synthetic options. Among these choices are wood, G10, aluminum, and even steel that extends from the blade. 

The selection of handle material is determined by various factors, including the knife's design, ergonomics, and intended purpose. Each material brings its own unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal to the finished product. You can learn more about knife handle materials in this article.

Yes. You can work with LeeKnives and put your brand logo on the pocket knives of your choice. Not only logos, our private label solution also allows you to customize the packaging of the knife.

Yes. We are fully equipped to manufacture using your designs. We have engaged with previous customers who sought to make their unique knife concepts into reality, with specific preferences for materials, blade design, locking mechanisms, and other particulars. While there are certain limits if your design is out of our expertise, please feel free to get in touch with us. We encourage you to reach out and discuss the potential for bringing your designs to fruition, or explore alternative options that could suit your needs.

Typically, the lead time for pocket knives featured in our catalog ranges from 3 to 15 days, depending upon the order quantity. Samples entail a slightly longer period of 7 to 25 days. However, if your intent is to have customizations, the lead time extends to a range of 25 to 45 days.

Unfortunately the prices remain unlisted due to the fact that each knife's cost is contingent upon factors such as bulk purchase quantity, potential customization,  private label services, etc. Please contact us directly if you want to get a quote on specific knives.

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