Not Just Your Knives, but Also Your Intellectual Property

Make innovations to your knives and defeat your competitors in a knockout. Work with LeeKnives to create wonders, and keep it all to yourself with IP protection. 

You Got the Ideas, We Got the Tools

We offer custom molding of your products and operate a private production line solely for you. We help you to obtain legal ownership by applying Chinese IP protections.

We Are Your Ally, We Walk You through the Whole Process Side by Side.

With decades of experience in custom manufacturing and patent application, we know the ins and outs like the back of our hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

The proprietary right lets you make profits off something you created and no one else is paramount. It protects your business from piracy and reinforces your brand’s credibility.

The patent law differs from country to country. In an international case of infringement, a patent registered in China will take precedence against the IP ownership of your home country. To protect your intellectual property, it’s highly suggested to apply IP protections in China.

Every client has their own ideas and blueprints. That results in different materials and techniques used in production. For that reason, our pricing is highly personalized, please contact us anytime and we will get back with a free quote.

No. We will never use our client’s patent designs to profit by any means. That includes: 

  • We will never falsely claim the ownership of your design 
  • We will never produce your products without your permission
  • We will not sell your products privately or under your name
  • We will not share the tools, molds, and the making of your products with others. 

We respect and hold on to our client’s trust. 

Since it’s a rather complicated and time-consuming service, we provide it as a perk to only the selected partners. Please contact us to get more information on how you should get on board as part of our premium clients.

We Are Ready to Take Action Whenever You Are

Customizing a product and protecting it as your intellectual property is not as intimidating as it sounds – at least not with us. Contact us today to learn more.

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