Wholesale Acacia Cutting Boards & Charcuterie Boards

Acacia wood is our top choice for making kitchen utensils. In this catalog, you will find a collection of wholesale acacia wood cutting boards and charcuterie boards in varying designs. Each cutting board was purposefully made with unique features: such as juice grooves, cutouts, and handles. The acacia charcuterie board can be found collaborating with marble in fancier shapes.

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Acacia Cutting Board Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

Considered hardwood, acacia is incredibly hard. But not too hard to waste a knife’s edge. The dense porous structure deems it to be a premium choice for making cutting boards or charcuterie boards. With proper maintenance, it can hardly crack or warp.

Counterintuitively, acacia wood is a very sanitary material for cutting boards. Being a hardwood makes it porous, meaning the microscopic holes will catch unwanted bacteria from ingredients. But at the same time, acacia wood has self-healing properties that can kill the trapped germs themselves.

If teak is the golden standard of rot resistance, acacia wood is a close second. Acacia wood is rated as very durable, you can barely see them age without many years of use. The tight grain structure prevents cracking or water penetration altogether.

Acacia wood makes a stunning charcuterie board. The gleaming shine of acacia and its grain alignment makes it a natural eye-catcher. They are sanitary, tough, and resistant. 

Plus the reddish brown color of acacia compliments well with synthetic materials such as marble.

Wood grain refers to the different cutting sides of wood lumber. Acacia is no exception. Generally speaking, end grain acacia wood is considered superior: they are more gentle on knives and more durable. At the same time, they are more costly to make. 

We offer a handful of end grain acacia wood in the catalog. But all samples can be made from your preferred grain surface.

Yes, of course. We can change the base material of your preferred cutting boards and manufacture them to meet your vision. If you have other ideas on how to improve the design, we are able to customize it as well. Contact us to know our process.

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