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The chef’s knife is undeniably the most essential kitchen knife within the culinary world. You’ll find new customers continuously searching for chef knives to kick off their cooking career. 

Here, LeeKnives presents the classic chef knives made from stainless, high carbon, and Damascus steel, accompanied by natural wood or synthetic handles. Find the chef knife that speaks to you the most in this catalog, or craft one with us now.   

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Chef Knife Buying Guide for Sellers

A chef’s knife is a utility cutting tool that enables chefs to prepare ingredients of all kinds. Including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and poultry. It is considered the most versatile knife and therefore the most essential part of cooking equipment. It has a flat spine and a curved, 6 to 10 inches long blade.

The best steel for making a chef’s knife is up for debate. You’ll mostly find them made from stainless steel with little carbon content such as 5Cr15 or the famous X50CrMoV15 used by German brands such as WÜSTHOF. Such steel makes adaptable blades that are tough enough to handle a home cook’s needs. 

High carbon stainless steel like 10Cr15CoMoV is a more superior choice if you are looking to make knives that are not only tough but also hold the sharp edge well.

Saying chef knives have a great potential for your business is an understatement. They will always have a place in the market since they are the most spoken name to all areas of chefs. 

You’ll want to include chef knives in your catalog if you are building a traditional western knife brand as well. Because all your competitors will have it in their inventory.

The Japanese chef’s knife, Gyuto, is fundamentally the same as the classic chef’s knife since it’s made under the Western influence. They share similar functions as a versatile, utility cutting tool. But Gyuto may have features unique to Japanese knives. Such as a wa-handle and blades without bolster.

Understand the different design elements of a chef’s knife, know your needs, and your customer’s preferences. 

For example, the blade length of a chef’s knife can range between 6 to 10 inches. With the 8 inch blade being the most popular. Determine which size fits your vision, and consider if you should provide different blade length options. The same goes for bolster design, knife tang, granton edge, handle design, etc.  

Material-wise, typical chef knives are almost all made from stainless steel. And you can take a more professional route to go with harder steel. Knowing your options and weighing them is crucial before selling chef knives.

We have years of experience in making kitchen knives. Chef knives are naturally one of the most frequent orders we receive. From typical Western chef knives to Gyuto, to distinctive chef knives with specific designs that are different from market norms. You can expect the most from us, and we’ll deliver. We also support private labeling, allowing you to stamp company logos onto the knives. Contact us to know more.

Besides chef’s knife, your customers may seek a smaller sized utility or paring knife and a serrated bread knife to complete their collection. The chef knife, utility/paring knife, and bread knife are the well-recognized kitchen essentials and are often sold in a set

In addition to general-purpose knives, you can extend your catalog by adding specialized knives such as boning knives, cleaver, fillet knives, ham slicer, etc.

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