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Knife sharpener is a kitchen necessity that’ll easily bring a dull knife back to life. Our samples include 2-stage portable sharpeners that can be kept to a keychain; standard hand-held manual sharpeners; and the ultimate 4-in-1 knife and scissor sharpener. The different slots are made from ceramic, tungsten steel, ceramic, or diamond.

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Knife Sharpener Bulk Buying Guide for Sellers

The obvious answer is that it sharpeners knives at a quick pace. Unlike traditional whetstones, a knife sharpener doesn’t require much skill and is more convenient to use. 

It can also be used to sharpen other sharp objects such as scissors, thread cutters, needle parts, etc.

Yes. Sharpeners are in demand and your customers will seek one sooner or later. Knife sharpener is the easiest way for a home cook to restore a sharpening edge. No matter how good a knife’s edge retention is, it will get dull eventually.

The two sharpening tools are essentially the same. They sharpen your knife by wearing down metals to create a sharp edge. However, whetstones do this more proficiently and thoroughly. 

Sharpening with a whetstone gives the blade a factory reset. You are able to take more control over the sharpening angles to ensure the best result. 

Sharpeners, on the other hand, are more convenient to use. A sharpening session with whetstones usually takes 5 to 10 minutes, while a sharpener usually takes just under 3 minutes. It’s also a portable device you can carry around anywhere, anytime.

Much like whetstone grits, a sharpener will have at least two stages for different sharpening purposes. Some even come with the third diamond/coarse slot. 

The coarse slot wears off the metal the most, usually used on severely chipped or dull knives. A ceramic or medium slot sharpens the knife at a micro level, removing trace amounts of metal. While a polishing slot removes excessive burrs and smooths the edge.

Although manual sharpeners are easy to use as it is, you still need to know the optimal sharpening angles and the strength to pull the blade. Electric sharpeners eliminated those concerns. 

With an electric sharpener, the machine will automatically rotate the abrasive surface to sharpen your knives. Compared to manual ones, you’ll have a harder time controlling the angle and it may damage the blade. Being electric also means it’s more of a hassle to bring it outside.

A knife sharpening kit consists of many other tools to maintain a knife’s health. A standard kit includes but is not limited to:

  • A whetstone
  • Cut-resistance gloves
  • A honing strop 
  • Honing rods
  • Sharpeners
  • A sharpening angle guide
  • A Leather strop

You should definitely consider adding a sharpening kit if your target customers are serious about their sharpening routine.

Manual sharpeners are not capable of sharpening single bevel knives or serrated blades. Also, make sure to instruct your customers properly on choosing the right slots for sharpening. Better yet, include a sharpening guide in your store. Educate them on the importance of knife sharpening. 

High carbon Japanese knives are more fragile and require a lot of maintenance. Consider switching to whetstones if your target customers have different needs.

  1. Initiate a knife sharpness test and determine which slot to use
  2. Put your dull knife onto the right slot
  3. Find the right angle for the blade edge 
  4. Put the blade onto the base, use gentle force and pull it back and forth a few times 
  5. Follow the curve of the blade to pull it, and make sure the entirety of the edge is sharpened 
  6. Run the blade through the fine slot. Finishing up with a smooth edge.
  7. Test sharpness with a piece of paper, if it’s not sharp enough, repeat the above steps. 
  8. After the knife is sharpened, rinse and dry it with a towel.

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